Stand Up Paddleboards

( S U P )

$15     - 30 Min.

$25     - 1 hour

$40     - 2 hour

Multiple sizes available.  

*We may require CC deposit for rental

12 Passanger Pontoon Boat

$90        - per Hour                (*You Drive)

$240      - 3 Hour ($80/hr)

$60        - each additional Hour

NEW 24 foot pontoons with 40 hp E-Tec engines,  Maximum 12 passanger.  Must be 25 YOA to rent, Credit Card required for reservation, and damage deposit.    Driver must be born prior to January 1, 1989 (or have WI boater safety course ID).

-*Need a driver? - $20/hr by Reservation only  

Single / Double Kayaks

​ Canoe

       $10    - 30 Minutes

       $15    - 1 Hour

What We Offer :

​(920) 377-0339

The Barefoot Lady

Private cruise or Tour (we drive)

$160 per Hour

Join us for a relaxing ride around the shoreline of beautiful Elkhart Lake.  A full lap around takes one hour.      30 passenger Maximum.  *Note- 30 adults is a very full boat.  Choose to enjoy the spoken historical tour, or just play tunes.            5' banquet table also available.

**For Safety concerns. -Swimming is NOT available with OVER18 passengers. 

For swimming info, please refer to the following  Barefoot Lady description. 

​​*Fuel included in all rates 

*Prices subject to change

​Copyright © BDE INC. all rights reserved. 

on elkhart lake      WI

(920) 377 - 0339


*Credit: add 5.5% state sales tax 

*Cash: flat rate, tax included 

HydroBikes and Paddleboats


       $10 - 30 Minutes

       $15 - 1 Hour

Waterski,  Wakeboard, or Tubing

$80                - 25 Min.    (*We drive)

$160              - 1 hour

$150 (per Hr)  - 2 hours or more

DRIVER, instruction, equipment, and gas included.  Boom available for waterski instruction.  Up to three tubes at a time.  7 people maximum, including driver.  **NEW POLICY as of 2018: one adult required onboard.

*** Swim Cruise ***

The Barefoot Lady

(please read details)   $160 per Hour

-Any cruise on The Barefoot Lady that plans to go into the water.  LillyPad swim mat included

      ****Limited to 18 People Max.****

-We ask that at least one or more adults is in the water to assist while children are using the raft.

-ALL swimmers must have Lifejackets.

-We are Not Lifeguards

-We reccomend at least 1.5 Hrs., for sufficient swim/drive time.

-Each Family will be asked to sign Waiver.

-Any further questions, Please call.